Day: March 23, 2018

No, non è stato un evento estemporaneo. Quando la band svedese industrial MISERY LOVES CO. è tornata nel 2016 per una serie di festival estivi, qualcuno può avere pensato che fosse solo un ritorno temporaneo, ma un anno dopo la canzone “Would You?” è stata pubblicata. Diciassette anni dopo l’acclamato terzo album “Your Vision Was […]

Da oggi è disponibile online “Consequences”, il primo brano del trio elettronico The Perfect Tree ad anticipare “Antifragile”, il nuovo album in arrivo il prossimo 20 Aprile attraverso Volcano Records. Atmosfere rarefatte e suadenti, un timbro rock e drumming d’impatto sono fra i primi tratti distintivi di questo brano d’esordio del trio torinese, a cui […]

A partire da oggi è online su tutti i migliori digital stores attraverso Volcano Records “The Brightside”, il nuovo disco della band rock alessandrina BlackHoleDream. Timbro incisivo, un sound dinamico e fresco capace di spaziare fra tutte le declinazioni del modern rock e refrain indelebili sono i marchi di fabbrica di “The Brightside”, un disco […]

Greek melodic death metal/hardcore band, ABOVE US THE WAVES, have signed with GROWL RECORDS a divison of ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records. ABOVE US THE WAVES sophomore album titled ‘ROUGH ON HIGH SEAS‘ contains 8 tracks and to be out on June 8th, 2018. The album artwork was made by Manthos Stergiou. The album was […]

UK Heavy Metallers MONUMENT are confirmed for BANG YOUR HEAD!!! FESTIVAL 2018, which will take place July 12th – 14th in Balingen, Germany. Other bands on the bill include ACCEPT, DORO, LORDI, EXODUS, GIRLSCHOOL, ARMOPHIS and much more. MONUMENT live dates 2018: 26 July – METALDAYS (WITH JUDAS PRIEST HEADLINER) 20 July – ROCKWAVE FESTIVAL ATHENS (WITH IRON MAIDEN HEADLINER) 04 July – ROCKHARZ OPEN AIR FESTIVAL (WITH IN FLAMES HEADLINER) 13 July – BANG YOUR HEAD FESTIVAL!!! (WITH ACCEPT, DORO, etc.) […]

Belarusian atmospheric black metal unit RAVEN THRONE is returning with their sixth album “I Miortvym Snicca Zolak” on May 02, 2018 via Dutch Label Non Serviam Records. Decibel Magazine unfolds the premiere of the second track “Pole cicha šaptała kałossiem…”from the upcoming album, which is based on poems from the beginning of the 20th century. Listen to it RIGHT HERE. ” With lyrics and music based on […]

Finnish metal band Blood Region release a new single ‘Waters of Tohtaa’ WATCH MUSIC VIDEO here: We wanted to make a long, epic, atmospheric composition, without forgetting a heavier approach. One could maybe find some influences from Finnish bands Sentenced & Swallow The Sun. During the recordings we heard saddening news that one of our […]

The Swedish Death Metal band Odeum Deus announced the release of  ‘Black Coffee’ single, earlier this morning. They have also revealed an artwork as this can be shown below, Listen Black Coffe on Spotify. Beginning closer to the Dark Age, the band was summoned by a heretic practitioner of Magik in response to the growing […]

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