Mist – released their debut album »Free Me Of The Sun«

Written by on July 30, 2018

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After a demo and 2 EP’s, this year, Mist will release ten brand new songs on their first full-length album titled »Free Me Of The Sun«. Staying true to their traditional doom roots the band builds upon strong riffs with bright female vocals and epic guitar solos. The album was recorded in Studio Ork, produced and mixed by Benjamin Kic and mastered by Patrick W. Engel (Candlemass, Pentagram, Darkthrone, Exodus) from Temple Of Disharmony. With this release Mist are starting a new chapter on their path in the depths of doom.

Track Listing:
01. The Ghoul
02. Ora Pro Nobis
03. White Torch
04. December
05. Altar Of You
06. Disembody Me
07. The Offering
08. Demonized
09. Delirium
10. Free Me Of The Sun

The band states: »We have put more emphasis on the mere preparation for the recording and searching for the sound we desire, first for each instrument individually, and then we did the same for the sound of the whole band in general. It could be said that we are proud because this time we returned with true Mist sound that got lost on the Inan’ EP.«
Bass player Neža adds: »I am also proud of us for being so focused on the preparations for the recording, and being so endurable during the whole process. We gave our best and didn’t quit until every little piece was in place and sounded right.«
About the concept behind the songs: »The songs on the album were created individually, but this does not mean they are not related, because they all are consisting of themes that were always present within us – death, life after death, nature, spells… All the lyrics are a product of current inspiration instead of the planned sequence of topics or events.«
When asked to define the album cover, Mist simply conclude: »Waves of blood and emotions are the sea where a person rises into the depths of the rest of it’s life and leaves from the sun. In the darkness, then, he accepts the moon, which gives him new hope in mortal existence.«
Nina Spruk – lead vocals
Ema Babošek – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Blaž Tanšek – lead guitar
Neža Pečan – bass
Mihaela Žitko – drums

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