Hollow Thoughts presents their debut single pack’d with melodic alternative metal

Written by on September 19, 2018

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‘Half Deceased’ is the debut single of Finnish alternative metal band Hollow Thoughts. It was recorded in July 2018 in SN Audio Productions studio, located in Jyväskylä Finland. The single was produced by Teemu Liekkala (Red Eleven, It Remains, Code For Silence, Manufacturer’s Pride). The single presents the diverse sound of Hollow Thoughts with it’s melodic heavy-punching sound and dark atmosphere.
Hollow Thoughts consists mainly of members of Finnish metal act Obscure but after a sonic update and the introduction of new vocalist the band decided to re-establish themselves as a new project.
Eemi Hämäläinen the guitar player of Hollow Thoughs background the project:
“As a band that draws inspiration from several musical styles Hollow Thoughts does not puritanically stare at musical genres with an idea of what is and what isn’t supposed to be done. This kind of approach gives us a freedom to do surprising and exciting things with our music so there’s undoubtedly interesting things to be heard within our upcoming releases.”
Listen the single:

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