SEITA – release ‘Merchants Of Death’ lyric video

Written by on May 8, 2019

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The Dutch death/thrash outfit SEITA has released another lyric video for a song from their latest album “Maledictus Mundi”, which was released last autumn.

Brace yourselves; the death and thrash metal sound-wave SEITA brings, will destroy the sugarcoating that stands between you and today’s bitter truths! Get “Maledictus Mundi” here »

SEITA – Maledictus Mundi

Get the album here »

1. Cowards to the Lions
2. Justice ICU
3. Burn the Skies
4. Merchants of Death
5. 2299
6. Back Home
7. Above The Ruins
8. Cursed Past
9. The March
10. N.W.C.

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