• OPERATION CHERRYTREE announce debut album 'SCUM AND HONEY'




    OPERATION CHERRYTREE, that's Wyno, Sieks, Jansen and CH ? four globetrotters, destiny has brought together somewhere in Norway. Lucky enough! For this Alternative quartet has experienced a lot together, a lot to tell. And plenty of output! A good dose of Seattle-Attitude comes with the sound of the four. Bay-Area-Nonchalance. A little Texas blues. Life, melancholy, nostalgia. Setting off. Taking risks.

    The debut album of OPERATION CHERRYTREE carries the title 'SCUM AND HONEY' and will be out on NOIZGATE Records by 11/24/2017.

    The four globetrotters' first record is mostly dedicated to personal topics; current affairs don't stay uncommented, though. And thus the twelve songs on 'SCUM AND HONEY' (produced by Björn Eric Brodner at 7Klang and mastered by Alex Kloss) do sound pissed-off sometimes, sometimes melancholic, sometimes just beautiful - and always free-spirited: Full of passionate riffs, enthralling beats, vibrant grooves and impulsive solo parts. And above all singer Wyno's magnificent vocals that range from pissed shouts to hypnotizing spoken-word-inputs to bittersweet-epic melodies.

    In advance we may already reveal the stunning cover artwork by Dani Hofer (Archetype Design; attached to this email) and track list of 'SCUM AND HONEY' to you:

    01   Nighthike In The Woods
    02   The Dawn
    03   Generation Fear And The Rats
    04   Colourful Bird
    05   Black Is Back
    06   Kings And Crowns
    07   That Is True
    08   Blurring Shadow
    09   Minus Hero
    10   Today
    11   Operation Cherrytree
    12   The World Is Too Fast