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Born in 1976, the year Niki Lauda crashed at Nurburgring with Ferrari, I was blazed by rock music since 1980, when I was a little 5 years old child. Videoclip era stars and there was a lot of great music (actually is history of music) on tv and radio, and I was really curious to listen a whole of music genres , got my first 45 rpm’s and there was programs who show a lot of videos. In the ’90’s I re-discovered rock music, when grunge and, contemporary, the history of music appear on tv with a lot of programs like “Rock Notes” (on TMC)  and “Rock Revolution” (on the legendary Videomusic); then , Mtv (when was the real Mtv). This music wave bring me a lot, and I started to listen with my first big stereo, cd’s and tapes more and more, discovered hard rock, prog and I grew up with my culture. First contact with radio was in 2003, when I have the occasion to enter on Radio RCS Verona, an FM Radio, in a program called “Terremoto Hard” (actually reborn after 13 years of hiatus!) as a little guest. On April 2004, split from the other craziest speaker (still my friends, but at that time the atmosphere was very heavy), I started with my first program called “Rock Legends” ,a journey through the history of rock through time and space and also promotion of underground music, interview with artists and bands. The program ended in 2012, because the owner and the artist director don’t want to support me anymore on this way (long story….) . I was very sad, think this was the end, but after 2 weeks I started my first program on a web radio, a new experience with my own equipment (Thanks Gabry!) in an Australian web radio called, with the international radio program “Gianluca’s Rock time machine/Gianluca’s Artist’s Corner” (it changed the name if I had bands as a guest or I started a journey through time and space of rock music). In 2013, parallel to the program, I started another program on ,an italian web radio based in Milan created to promote rock and metal music , especially underground, with interviews and rock music, called “Gianluca’s Rock Selection”(in italian). Sadly, on 2016, closed and it remains only Gianluca’s Rock Selection, voluntarily closed at the end of 2017, to join Metal Maximum Radio with a new name, “Racing rock”

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