Kostas Dahmer / Editor, Programmer

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I am Kostas from Greece working for underground bands since 2k.

My genres are oldschool Death Metal & Thrash.





Get to know me better bullets:

  • Founder/Owner of Heavy Metal OTD
  • Founder/Owner of Heavy Metal OTD – Facebook Page
  • As a senior Software Developer I ‘ve built the UnderWorld Map App ( An interactive Google Map where bands may pin their entity and when a user click on the marker band’s info arise ) The info can be text, image, video or Stream Service
  • I used to own a great Greek site rockthewall.eu [Support of the local Rock bands – project ended]
  • Wikipedia Greek Editor for Metal Bands
  • I own 4k Metal Vinyls & 6k CDs
  • Gig Freak
  • Non Smoker
  • 2 Kids, 1 Wife lol <3

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