In un’estate del’93 ho iniziato a stare dietro una consolle, avvicinandomi al mondo del djing con l’elettronica. Una decina di anni dopo ho iniziato a prendere contatto con il Metal e, passo dopo passo ho aperto il mio animo al lato più estremo di questo mondo.  Folk, Viking, Black, Post Metal e tanti altri sottogeneri […]

I am Kostas from Greece working for underground bands since 2k. My genres are oldschool Death Metal & Thrash.         Get to know me better bullets: Founder/Owner of Heavy Metal OTD Founder/Owner of Heavy Metal OTD – Facebook Page As a senior Software Developer I ‘ve built the UnderWorld Map App ( […]

1982 was when i first got into metal My first bands that i was into was Maiden Priest Anvil. Then in 1983 i heard bands called Metallica Anthrax Slayer that got me into the thrash scene!!! As they say, rest is history. Make sure you check out my show cause you never know what i […]

Been into Metal since 84′ lived my life around bands, literally on the road with many. I love music as long a sit is rock/metal, although i do have a very wide pallet of musical differences; which you would see and hear if you tune into my shows Monday, Tuesday Thursday, and Friday; lately have […]

Wes Moose Jaques owner of Metal Moose and Soundchecked has been doing metal radio for 20 years and also owns Metal Coffee PR as well as works in conjunction with Black Lion Records/ Sliptrick Records/ Non Servium Records/ PureCore Records and dozens of bands . Soundchecked is syndicated on stations throughout the world. You can […]

Passionate about music for 20 years, he has been able to cultivate a diversity of genres along the road of life. Raised in traditional heavy metal, power and thrash; his horizons have expanded to punk, hardcore, doom, death and black. Lover of varied playlists and rhythmic interviews, with mood and without rigid structures.

Francesco Russo, alias “Chiodometallico”, è presente nell’albiente alternativo musicale dal 2009, facendo ingresso nello staff di Italia Di Metallo e diventandone caporedattore nell’arco dei tre anni di permanenza. Al contempo diede vita a un piccolo blog chiamato Visioni Metalliche (nel 2010) che presto divenne Suoni Distorti Magazine ampliando il raggio di azione e la conseguente […]

Born in 1976, the year Niki Lauda crashed at Nurburgring with Ferrari, I was blazed by rock music since 1980, when I was a little 5 years old child. Videoclip era stars and there was a lot of great music (actually is history of music) on tv and radio, and I was really curious to […]

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