Ogni martedi, dalle 2:00 alle 24:00, Francesco sarà in onda con FACCIAMO VALERE IL METALLO ITALIANO!!!

Il Sabato mattina dalle 10:00 alle 11:00 Luca sarà in onda con un Dj Set da paura \m/

I am Kostas from Greece working for underground bands since 2k. My genres are oldschool death metal & thrash.

1982 was when i first got into metal My first bands that i was into was Maiden Priest Anvil...

Been into Metal since 84' lived my life around bands, literally on the road with many

Passionate about music for 20 years, he has been able to cultivate a diversity of genres along the road of life.

Francesco Russo, alias “Chiodometallico”, è presente nell'albiente alternativo musicale dal 2009, facendo ingresso nello staff di Italia Di Metallo e diventandone caporedattore nell'arco dei tre anni di permanenza.

Born in 1976, the year Niki Lauda crashed at Nurburgring with Ferrari, I was blazed by rock music since 1980, when I was a little 5 years old child.

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