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A Finland-based progressive metal act External have released a new single, “Anhedonia”. It’s their first release with guitarist Roger Lundberg, as well as the first with major songwriting contribution from bassist Samuel Järvinen. In the mixing process External worked with Asger Mygind from the Danish band VOLA. The song is accompanied by a music video by Tuomas Ikonen.  Listen the single: Spotify: Amazon: Apple […]

Portuguese melodic metal band Enchantya released their long-awaited second album “On Light and Wrath” in May 24th 2019 by Inverse Records.  WATCH music video for “The Beginning” here above. Singer Rute Fevereiro comments:“On Light and Wrath is Enchantya’s musical essay about the two extremes of the human existence and the struggle for balance within and outside the soul. Inspired by the […]

Hard rock/heavy group from Northern Finland Afire releases new music video to their track “The One To Take The Fall” from their 2018 debut album “On The Road From Nowhere”. The band features members from well known Finnish metal acts like Sentenced, KYPCK, Poisonblack and Brüssel Kaupallinen. The video is shot in a barren, abandoned factory hall and directed by Teemu Hostikka from NTRNZ Media. Listen to […]

Critically acclaimed Finnish death metal act De Lirium’s Order is releasing their fourth album Singularity on April 26, 2019 via Inverse Records. Today, the band releases the title track as a second single. Singularity comes with a sci-fi inspired fractal music video. Watch the music video here: Stream the single here: Spotify: De Lirium’s Order was formed in 1998 by […]

Finnish old school thrash metal band Terrific Verdict released a single ”Big C” from the upcoming debut album ”Wheel of Fortune” due to be released on March 29th by Inverse Records. This single is dedicated to all those who fight against this vicious disease.  Listen the single:Spotify:

Progeny of Sun is a Finnish melodic death metal from Seinäjoki/Helsinki. The band has two permanent members Jaakko Hautamäki – (instruments/mixing) and Niko Aromaa(vocals). The band was formed in 2017 and today they released a first single “Futile Conversion” from the upcoming self-titled EP due to be released March 22nd 2019 by Inverse Records. The band is currently making their […]

Finnish progressive metal act Mastord has released their debut album “Trail Of Consequence”. Five tracks of powerful traditional progressive metal with deep atmospheres combine with skilfull musicianship and strong compositions. Listen the album:Spotify: Burden lyric video:  Mastord: Markku Pihlaja – VocalsKari Syvelä – Guitars & KeyboardsPasi Hakuli – BassToni Paananen – Drums  Background about Mastord  Mastord was assembled during […]

Temple of the Stars is the new band of Tobias Tåg who is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter from Korsholm, located at the west coast of Finland. This music is sonically nocturnal and melodic, with a lot of folk elements presented within an atmospheric rock context. It´s a mix of folk, rock, prog, and metal that´s going to appeal to […]

Spanish occult black metal band Inferitvm released their second album ‘The Grimoires’ on January 25th 2019 via Finnish record label Inverse Records. New music video is also done for ‘De Occulta Philosophia’. Sorcerer Vltra tells about the album and new music video: “‘The Grimoires’ is an epic album that tells the stories behind the books banned for centuries in […]

Australian progressive doom metal band The Eternal have released a new music video for the song ’Don’t Believe Anymore’ from their critically acclaimed album ‘Waiting For The Endless Dawn’. ‘Don’t Believe Anymore’ was originally recorded by Australian band Icehouse on their 1984 album ‘Sidewalk’. On why The Eternal chose this song to be the bands first recorded cover song, Singer / Guitarist Mark Kelson elaborates: ‘Icehouse […]

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