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The song tells a story about a person who has lived his life at full throttle and no brakes, and finally comes to a point where one should take responsibility for their actions. “Man On the Moon” is a catchy modern bluesrock song with a traditional groove. The song’s music video is linked to a […]

Finnish melodic heavy metal band Mysterizer is set to release their debut album ‘Invisible Enemy’ on August 16th 2019 via Inverse Records.  The band released a single for the track “Take And Go” and music video can be seen here above!!! Single track is also available on following digital outlets:Youtube: Music: Vocalist Tomi Kurtti comments:“The second single […]

Northern Genocide released a second single ‘Neon Antichrist’ from their upcoming debut album Genesis vol. 666. LISTEN TO the single here:Spotify: Music: Lead guitarist Pyry Pohjanpalo comments:“Behold the rise of the false prophet! Neon Antichrist will burn the world with hate. 2nd single from the Northern Genocide’s debut album Genesis vol.666” Northern Genocide is a mixture of aggressive […]

Memoirs of Protagonist is dark melodic metal band with nordic influence combined with rap articulation. Band is based in Helsinki Finland. Idea of melodic beautiful and massive leadsounds meeting the slam/brutal metal side, is something the band members have kept in their mind during their other band projects. Joakim Lindholm and Niko Aromaa are also founding members of finnish […]

Finnish melodic death/doom band Shadecrown released a second single “Rain’s Edge” which is taken from the upcoming second album “Riven”. The album is released later in 2019 by Inverse Records and it is mixed and mastered by keyboardist & songwriter Saku Tammelin at Painwood Studio, Viitasaari, Finland. Saku Tammelin comments: ” “Rain’s Edge” is the second single off Shadecrown’s upcoming second […]

Unknown Decoy has been working on their debut EP “Seeking The Sun” for a good while. The album demonstrates the band’s musical style from one extreme to the other. These five songs include poppy singing melodies, merciless screaming and even ruthless screeching. The whole splendor is driven by thick and sturdy hard-rock guitars that switch from slow stoner-riffs […]

A Finland-based progressive metal act External have released a new single, “Anhedonia”. It’s their first release with guitarist Roger Lundberg, as well as the first with major songwriting contribution from bassist Samuel Järvinen. In the mixing process External worked with Asger Mygind from the Danish band VOLA. The song is accompanied by a music video by Tuomas Ikonen.  Listen the single: Spotify: Amazon: Apple […]

Portuguese melodic metal band Enchantya released their long-awaited second album “On Light and Wrath” in May 24th 2019 by Inverse Records.  WATCH music video for “The Beginning” here above. Singer Rute Fevereiro comments:“On Light and Wrath is Enchantya’s musical essay about the two extremes of the human existence and the struggle for balance within and outside the soul. Inspired by the […]

Hard rock/heavy group from Northern Finland Afire releases new music video to their track “The One To Take The Fall” from their 2018 debut album “On The Road From Nowhere”. The band features members from well known Finnish metal acts like Sentenced, KYPCK, Poisonblack and Brüssel Kaupallinen. The video is shot in a barren, abandoned factory hall and directed by Teemu Hostikka from NTRNZ Media. Listen to […]

Critically acclaimed Finnish death metal act De Lirium’s Order is releasing their fourth album Singularity on April 26, 2019 via Inverse Records. Today, the band releases the title track as a second single. Singularity comes with a sci-fi inspired fractal music video. Watch the music video here: Stream the single here: Spotify: De Lirium’s Order was formed in 1998 by […]

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