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DIABOLOS DUST have released their second single “Sanity” today. You can listen to the song in its entirety on as well as via several streaming services like Spotify or Deezer. The thrashers will release their new album “The Reaper Returns” next Friday on Massacre Records. A lyric video for the first single “Dust” is […]

Meet SEITA, the unapologetic force consisting of Michel Gambini (guitars/vocals), Pablo Minoli (guitars), Damian Lopez (drums) and Mike van den Heuvel (bass), a band that is inspired by the different layers and faces of the human struggle! Hailing from Amsterdam, Netherlands, the band will release its album “Maledictus Mundi” on October 26th via Massacre Records! […]

Get the cans of hair spray and neon-colored clothes ready, and take a walk down on memory lane with HOPELEZZ, who recently released the official video for the new single “Holding Out For A Hero”. The Bonnie Tyler cover is the second single from the upcoming album “Stories Of A War Long Forgotten”, and follows […]

The UK-based metal outfit NEGACY recently released a new single! Enjoy the accompanying lyric video for “Born Betrayed” The song is taken from the upcoming album “Escape From Paradise”, which will hit the stores on September 21st via Massacre Records! Get it here » All drums on the album were recorded by Raphael Saini […]

Thrash metal veterans DARKNESS are going to release their new album “First Class Violence” on October 12th via Massacre Records! The album, whose artwork and tracklisting is available below, was recorded and mixed by Cornelius Rambadt im Rambado Recordings Studio and mastered by Dennis Köhne. Timon Kokott was recruited to take care of the album […]

About 6 weeks to go until STONEMAN are going to release their new album “Geil und Elektrisch” on Massacre Records. The band has now released the new single “Dein General”, which is accompanied by a video! The band’s upcoming album might rub some upholders of moral standards the wrong way – just like it happened […]

The UK-based heavy metal band NEGACY recently signed with Massacre Records, and announced their new album “Escape From Paradise”. The album will be released on September 21, 2018 and was mixed and mastered by Andy Mornar at Red Warlock Studio. The cover artwork – which is available below, along with the track list – was […]

Congrats are in order for Thomas Gurrath – the latest DEBAUCHERY VS. BALGEROTH album “In der Hölle spricht man Deutsch” has entered the German album charts at #27! This is the highest charts entry ever for DEBAUCHERY in Germany. Listen to and get the album here »

Today’s the day you get a first impression of what to expect from HOPELEZZ’s upcoming album “Stories Of A War Long Forgotten” with the official video for the new single “War Long Forgotten” – enjoy it The new HOPELEZZ album will be released on August 24th via Massacre Records and is already available for pre-order […]

Great news: ATROCITY have entered the German album charts at #37 with their new album “OKKULT II”! This marks the death metal flagship’s 5th chart entry with an album in Germany. ATROCITY’s dark and brutal death metal masterpiece “OKKULT II” is out now and available in various formats, such as Jewel Case CD, ltd. media-book […]

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