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After song teasers and full song videos, ATROCITY have finally released an official video for a brand new single! Enjoy “Shadowtaker” in all its bloody glory on The video was produced by Rainer ZIPP Fränzen / Und Action! in cooperation with Mastersound Entertainment. ATROCITY’s upcoming dark and brutal death metal masterpiece “OKKULT II” will […]

The new DEBAUCHERY VS. BALGEROTH album “In der Hölle spricht man Deutsch” will be released next month! A new and official BALGEROTH video for the album’s title track and new single “In der Hölle spricht man Deutsch” is now available on YouTube Also available is the official video for “Beasts Of Balgeroth” by DEBAUCHERY » […]

ELVENSTORM release new single The French heavy metal outfit ELVENSTORM has released its new single “Devil Within’” – it’s also streaming in its entirety on YouTube “The Conjuring” is a pure and uncompromising heavy metal album, that has ELVENSTORM written all over it! It will be released on July 13th via Massacre Records. It was […]

The heavy/thrash metallers DIABOLOS DUST are back with a few new band members, a new sound and a new album! “The Reaper Returns” will be released on August 24th via Massacre Records! The album was mixed and mastered by Steve Peyerl at SP Studio. The album artwork has been created by Tari József. The cover […]

Check ATROCITY’s new teaser for the song “Phantom Ghost” out here » It’s the 6th teaser for a new song off the upcoming album “OKKULT II”, which is going to be released on July 6th via Massacre Records. You can order the album here » The band recently shot an official video for […]

THE HERETIC ORDER’s  new album “Evil Rising” is out now – please spread the word and links below, thanks! Listen to and get the album here » Videos “Evil Rising” Official Video – “The Forest Of The Impaled” Lyric Video –

The German modern thrash metal outfit HOPELEZZ will release their new album “Stories Of A War Long Forgotten” on August 24, 2018 via Massacre Records! It’s the first ever concept album of the band about a war being unleashed on earth to punish us for our sins. Sky Van Hoff (Rammstein, Kreator, Caliban) took care […]

AETERNITAS’ new single “The Raven” is here, and it’s accompanied by a very special lyric video. Watch it now It’s the second single off the upcoming album “Tales Of The Grotesque”, which will be released on June 29th. The first single, “The Experiment”, was accompanied by an official video that is available on You […]

UK occult metallers THE HERETIC ORDER have released their new single “The Forest Of The Impaled” – check it out the song’s lyric video on Lord Ragnar comments: “The song describes the feelings and the horrific sight that befalls an Ottoman soldier who encounters the Forest of the Impaled’s victims, ordered by Vlad III […]

Great news! EISREGEN’s “Satan liebt dich” has entered the German album charts at #70! It’s the 12th charts entry in total in Germany for the extreme metal band. EISREGEN have also joined the “Wolfsfest” tour with Varg, Ost+Front & Harpyie that’s touring through Switzerland and Germany in October and November 2018. Tickets are available on […]

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